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Aerospace: We provide process heat treating equipment for a great range of products - from drying systems for carbonized polyester to equipment required to produce turbine blades.

Aluminum: A complete line of batch and continuous solution heat treating systems and aluminum aging ovens are available.

Automotive: We are a supplier of ovens and dryers to automobile manufacturers. Our products include dryers for carpet and carpet padding, molded parts and noise reduction materials.

Ceramics: We provide mold dryers, greenware dryers, glaze dryers and gas or electrically heated kilns.

Electrical Components: We provide continuous lamp coating systems along with electrical drying and curing systems.

Foundry: We specialize in process heating systems for the investment casting industry. Included are batch or continuous designs for mold drying, de-wax furnaces and pre-heat furnaces.

Heat Treating: We provide numerous designs to meet the needs of this industry including pit, batch, car bottom and mesh belt designs.

Paper & Packaging: We provide coating dryers/curers in batch or continuous designs. We can also provide thermal efficient oxidizing systems to clean contaminated emissions.

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